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Why Pray?

We at Immigrant Hope believe that prayer has a real effect on the direction and success of our ministry.  We try to seek God’s guidance in all decisions and trust his leading, even when we do not understand where he is taking us.  We also rely on God’s miraculous provision to meet our needs and open doors.  Even though God does not need our prayer to act, praying reminds us to trust God with our needs and shows God that we have faith.

Part of the Immigrant Hope mission is to share the Hope of the gospel with our immigrant neighbors.  We can tell people about salvation through Jesus Christ, but only God change their hearts.  We try to pray for all of our clients: for success in their cases and for legal, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and restoration.

How to Pray for Immigrant Hope

  • Thank God for all he has done for and through Immigrant Hope.
  • Ask God for wisdom and guidance about the future of Immigrant Hope.
  • Ask God to meet our current needs.
  • Ask God to meet needs we do not yet know about.
  • Ask God to heal and protect our clients legally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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