IPI Pastors Conference

San Antonio
October 23-24, 2014


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Are you interested in starting an immigration legal ministry at your church?

A successful church-based immigration legal program requires the full understanding and complete buy-in of the pastor.  However, we recognize that IMMIGRANT PATHWAY Institute is too technical, intensive, costly, and time-consuming to be useful to pastors who do not intend to offer direct legal services.  The IPI Pastors Conference provides enough legal content, and interaction with IPI students, to give the pastors an understanding of the legal process, but it focuses primarily on the Biblical foundation and ministry strategy of Immigrant Hope and other immigration legal ministries.

The IPI Pastors Conference will be facilitated by Dr. Alejandro Mandes, the Executive Director of Immigrant Hope and Director of Immigrant Mission for the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA).  It will feature presentations and conversations with a number of experts and practitioners of immigration law and ministry.

This conference is designed to work in conjunction with the full IPI class.  The pastor attends the IPI Pastors Conference in order to provide effective vision, leadership, and oversight to the immigration ministry.  The ministry director and staff attend the concurrent or future IPI classes in order to provide direct legal services immigrants.
This conference will not prepare you to apply for BIA Accreditation to offer immigration legal services.


Communion Chapel
5719 Mobud St
San Antonio, 
TX 78238


$35 (covers cost of meals and materials)

Tentative Schedule

Thursday, October 23

8:00 – Devotions (with IPI class)
8:30 – Activity: Attendee Introductions
9:00 – Law Presentation: Law Overview for Pastors
10:30 – Break
10:45 – Bible Presentation: Immigration Stories the Bible
11:45 – Activity: Discussion of Bible and Law
12:30 – Lunch (with IPI class)
1:30 – Law Presentation: History of Immigration (with IPI class)
2:30 –Law Presentation: Religious Worker Visas (with IPI class)
3:00 – Bible Presentation: The Great Commission and Immigration
3:30 – Break
3:45 –Panel Discussion: Casting Vision for Your Church
4:45 – Law Presentation: Church-based Legal Services (with IPI class)
5:30 – End

Friday, October 24

8:00 – Devotions (with IPI class)
8:30 – Discussion: Devotions Topic
9:00 – Bible Presentation: Applying Biblical Principles to Modern Immigration
10:00 – Law Presentation: The Church and Immigration Law – What can we do?
10:45 – Break
11:00 – Panel Discussion: How Your Church can Serve Immigrants
12:00 – Lunch and Field Trip
2:00 – End




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