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Pro-bono Opprotunties

Use your skills and experience to serve low-income clients with the added purpose of making disciples of Jesus Christ.  As a pro-bono attorney in an Immigrant Hope center, you would supervise a team of volunteers who perform intake interviews and complete paperwork.  You would be responsible for explaining the law to clients, deciding on a course of action with the client, assigning tasks for the volunteers to complete, and checking their work.  All legal workers are required to sign the Immigrant Hope Statement of Faith (developed by the EFCA) and Mission Statement.

Click here to find volunteer opportunities at Immigrant Hope centers.

Legal Support Hotline

Share your expertise and experience with Immigrant Hope staff and volunteers all over the country.  All legal practitioners encounter cases that exceed their knowledge or experience level at some point in their career.  Immigrant Hope is building a list of attorneys across the United States who are willing to take questions from our legal workers.  You will be able to limit your involvement by number of questions per month, number of hours per month, on-call dates and times, and area of expertise.

Contact Immigrant Hope to join the legal support hotline.


Most Immigrant Hope centers only accept relatively simple, family-based cases.  Each center needs to build a list of reliable local attorneys and agencies who will accept more complicated or specialized cases, such as employment-based immigration, asylum, VAWA, human trafficking, and detention and removal.  Partnering with a local Immigrant Hope center can give you access to a client base you may not otherwise reach.

Click here for a list of Immigrant Hope centers.

Other Attorneys

Immigration Caseworker

Caseworkers work hands-on with Immigrant Hope clients throughout their immigration case.  Caseworkers do not give legal advice, but they do interview clients, prepare summaries and case notes, fill out forms, and prepare application packets for mailing to the government under the supervision of government-authorized legal staff.  Caseworkers should have an eye for detail and good people skills.  No prior experience or knowledge required.  Training for Caseworkers is provided as needed by local Immigrant Hope centers.
Click here for a list of available volunteer positions.

Gain expertise and expand your practice into immigration by working as a Caseworker and attending supplemental training.
Contact Immigrant Hope or the Director of your local Immigrant Hope center for more information.


Immigrant Hope centers encounter a variety of legal issues in areas such as incorporation, trademarking, tax, employment, and liability.
Contact Immigrant Hope if you are willing to answer questions from local Immigrant Hope centers or the national Immigrant Hope ministry in your area of expertise.

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